Cree LED Bulbs 2013 one of 4 spots. designer: matt duncan. dir: jesse peretz co: RSA/USA actor: lance reddick dp: declan quinn

Madonna  "secret"  designer: Fatima dir: melodie mcdaniels  ©2006 the directors bureau all rights reserved

Maybelline Eye Studio 2014 designer: Jeff Nelson co: Believe Media (Editor's Cut)

Client: Google Agency: "IN BOX" B-Reel Co-Production between: B-Reel & PRMRY. NEW YORK Director: Jon+Torey DP: Stoeps Langensteiner Color: Tom Poole at Company LOS ANGELES Director/DP: Will Mayer Production co: PRMRY Color: Gregory Reese at The Mill production designer akin mckenzie

NOTE: I was on set decorator and mainly tweeked the rooms. I shopped the bedrooms and worked in tandem with akin. I found all the figurines and the used bedding as per designer's references. suitcase man room contents property of the designer and assorted rentals. Glenn Gotti prop master.

Detachment dir tony kaye designer j healy set dressers jyota bertrang, al sachs cupcakes: sugar sweet sunshine destroyed books from salvation army

Trip Advisor 2014 designer: Jeff Nelson co: park pictures dir: The Glue Society-Gary Freedman

Garnier Ultra Lift commercial designer: Jeff Nelson director: Tryan George company: Believe Media talent: Kate Walsh

 Natalie Cole "Take a Look" designer happy massee dir marcus nispel fake 50s Harlem filmed in the original meat packing district and inside the beautiful Ansonia Hotel Building in new york city. vintage car from picture cars east

New York Lotto "Win for Life"  designer: mark snelgrove dir: david horowitz co: Mekanism

NY Lottery "Newbie Millionaire Camp" designer: mark snelgrove dir: david horowitz small sets designed and built by brian kelly

 Sharknado 2. filmed during the nyc polar vortex. designer: steph barkley prop master: Jim Kelaher leadman: Peter DeCurtis prosthetic arm built by: Grant Guilliams art dir: randy lee hartwig

Nous York  comédie que Géraldine a coréalisée avec Hervé Mimran. le designer: justin dragonas

BEHIND THE SCENES; making a commuter train for a commercial that NEVER aired.             designer: Jeff Nelson   company: believe media director: Gary Freedman Song by Vampire Weekend. All Rights Reserved


Youth in Oregon Responsible for the Brooklyn house only.  Production Designer: Tania Bijlani   Art Director: Marci Mudd   Starring:  Frank Langella